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Acterra and GreenCitizen® to Host “High-Tech Harvest” Event – November 11, 2005

Festivities Encourage Responsible Recycling to Help Save the Environment

PALO ALTO, California – October 18, 2005 – Acterra, one of the Bay Area’s leading environmental organizations, and GreenCitizen, an innovator in the responsible recovery, recycling and accountability of end-of-life electronics, will join together to host a High-Tech Harvest event to promote the responsible recycling of electronics and support Acterra’s environmental programs. High-Tech Harvest will be held at GreenCitizen’s Palo Alto Center on Friday, November 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Attendees will have a chance to recycle their unwanted electronics and to meet with Acterra and GreenCitizen members to learn more about helping to protect our local environment.

The event will feature refreshments, live music and opportunities to learn about the e-waste crisis and the effects of harmful toxins on our health and the environment. In addition, attendees are invited to participate in GreenCitizen’s Toxic Offload Challenge that will award prizes to participants who divert the most lead from landfills by recycling their electronics through GreenCitizen. Ten percent of the proceeds earned at the event will be donated to Acterra.

High Tech Harvest will also include a special presentation of the Magic Planet® digital video globe from Global Imagination® ( This sphere-shaped digital display shows global phenomena such as the effect of pollution on the environment, the results of burning off the Amazon rain forest or how El Niño changes the weather in a more intuitive and understandable way.

“Electronics recycling is an idea whose time has come,” said Michael Closson, Executive Director of Acterra. “We are pleased to team with GreenCitizen in this endeavor, and we’re excited to watch this project grow. Our High-Tech Harvest event will bring together people who want to become part of the solution.”

“We are proud to help Acterra in their efforts to preserve the environment,” said James Kao, Founder and CEO of GreenCitizen. “At GreenCitizen, we are doing our part to keep harmful toxins out of landfills here and in developing countries. Too often, recycling methods that promise ‘asset recovery’ are no better than ‘deferred dumping,’ where multiple strippers salvage valuable components from recycled electronics, then dump the toxic leftovers in landfills. We welcome the opportunity to help Bay Area recyclers understand the importance of doing it right!”

The GreenCitizen Center is located at 3180 Park Blvd. in Palo Alto (behind Fry’s Electronics) and is open seven days a week.

The event is free, although there may be a small charge to recycle some items. A complete list of items accepted for recycling and prices can be found at For more information on the event, call Marci Reichelstein, 650.493.8700, ext. 702, or send e-mail to

About Acterra
Acterra brings people together to create local solutions that foster a healthy natural environment. Serving the Peninsula and South Bay, Acterra’s activities in fields such as habitat restoration and renewable energy provide hands-on opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference. Acterra’s core values emphasize community building, optimism and a lively, spirited approach to resolving serious environmental challenges. For more information, visit

About GreenCitizen
GreenCitizen’s mission is to stop and reverse the global environmental damage from improper disposal of end-of-life electronics by helping individuals and organizations recycle electronics responsibly. We provide convenient, affordable and responsible solutions that make it easy for everyone to do their part to help save the environment from harmful electronic waste. For more information, visit

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Marci Reichelstein
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