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Our Mission

Americans throw away 143,000 computers every day. Our mission is to make sure that all e-waste is recycled responsibly and locally, not shipped overseas or dumped in landfills.

GreenCitizen’s Mission:

GreenCitizen is a socially and environmentally responsible company. Our mission is to create a cleaner environment by addressing the growing electronic waste crisis. We do this by keeping electronics running efficiently through our IT support and repair services, along with providing environmentally friendly e-recycling.

GreenCitizen Eco-Centers give individuals and businesses the opportunity to reduce their e-waste footprint while learning more about the electronic waste crisis. GreenCitizen’s IT support and repair professionals extend the life of electronics for homes and businesses, while our pick-up and drop-off recycling services ensure end-of-life electronics are recycled securely and responsibly in the United States.

Global E-Waste Crisis

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Today, the average American household uses about 24 electronic products like personal computers, mobile phones, televisions, and e-readers*. While advances in technology continue to improve and enrich our lives, short product life cycle and the lack of information on how to properly manage old electronics have caused detrimental consequences to the health of our society and environment. learn more

Our Vision: A Scalable & Replicable Metropolitan Model

We envision a model where all consumer electronics purchased in a metropolitan area will be recycled responsibly within that same metropolitan area. That way, the carbon footprint associated with the product’s life-cycle is minimized.

Closed -Loop Reuse: The Best Form Of Recycling

The best way to tackle the global e-waste crisis is to extend the life-cycle of consumer electronic products. 25% of all items that we received are actively reused through our closed-loop reuse department, helped diverting over millions tons of waste from the landfill. learn more


overview_socialA majority of electronic equipment can be recycled for the recovery of heavy metals (such as lead, cooper, and mercury), plastics, glass, and aluminum, therefore averting the energy used and pollution linked with mining and drilling for new raw materials. learn more

Total Accountability

GreenCitizen Total Accountability Management System tracks each recycled item with its own unique ID and serial number. We update ID records in every stage of the shipping, sorting and de-manufacturing process. Manufacturers, retailers, OEMs, environmental groups, and government agencies may use these data to measure their environmental efforts and successes in quantitative terms. learn more

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