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Norwegian-Designed Treehouse Integrates With Nature In A Creative Way

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It’s every child’s dream to build and play in a treehouse, but why would adults not want to enjoy the same pleasure and connection with nature?

And that’s precisely what Norwegian designers have taken to heart in developing a treehouse with real living space around a living pine tree.

Now, you could be forgiven to think that this would be a rustic building with little to no comforts, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A report in Yanko Design has some details about the design features.

“Blooming from the backbone of the treehouse, double plywood ribs are placed in a radial shape to provide Woodnest with lots of interior floor space, also working as an insulating layer for the cabin. Overlaid on top of the plywood ribs, heartwood pine shingles provide Woodnest with a protective shell, also blending in with the natural patina of the surrounding forest. Inside the treehouse, paneling from black alder trees line Woodnest’s interior and brighten the room for guests to fully enjoy the view of the fjord below the forest.”

What it offers is an escape from urban living while still providing the comfort of an enclosed space with a proper bed.

It’s just that this space is halfway up a tree with stunning views of the surrounding nature. For anyone who likes the idea of camping, but not the practicality of it, this could be a new way to attract tourism. 

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