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WWF Report Positive About Plant-Based Diets Helping Conserve and Restore Nature

Earlier in October, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released a report that explains how our future dietary habits could actually preserve the planet.

The report is titled The Restorative Power of Plant-Based Diets and goes into detail about how consuming less meat and dairy in favor of a plant based-diet can conserve nature and restore the planet’s resources.

Although the report offers a global outlook, Inhabitat reports that special attention is given to the U.S., as one of the most important levers in solving climate and biodiversity crises.

“The U.S. food system is one of the most important levers we have for solving climate and biodiversity crises, and what we eat and how much we consume matters. Even simple changes to our diets, like eating in line with National Dietary Guidelines, would take us a long way toward positive outcomes for both human health and the environment,” said Melissa D. Ho, senior vice president of freshwater and food for WWF.”

Ho says that by combining dietary guidelines we could develop regenerative and resilient agricultural systems, a less wasteful supply chain, as well as policies that support producing healthy and sustainable foods.

Believing that it’s possible to feed 8-10 billion people without destroying the planet, WWF has also launched an online tool that helps users estimate the impact of their dietary changes.

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