This Prefab House Is Made Entirely Of Recycled Materials

Recycling happens in so many parts of our lives, and when you’re careful about what you buy, then it’s entirely possible that plastic, paper, and metal materials have gone through several recycles.

But one area that hasn’t seen a huge amount of recycled material use is construction.

Some of that comes down to the fact that every house is different, and materials would need to be made to order. 

But using the concept of prefabricated housing could be providing a clever solution.

Take this, for example: There’s a new project in Bali that has created tiny houses made entirely of recycled materials.

According to Inhabitat“Tiny Tetra House has 688 square feet of space with a diagonally oriented floor plan. It is elevated 40 centimeters off the ground via point foundations in order to help blend the structure into the surroundings. There is a bedroom, en suite bathroom, open kitchen, living room and outdoor terraces.”

Taking this approach has allowed the project managers to look at sustainability in a completely new way.

Because all parts of the house are manufactured offsite, it’s much easier to use eco-friendly and recycled materials.

It’s even possible that this could be scaled up to larger buildings.

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