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The Sycamore Tiny House Is Packed With Ingenious Space-Saving Solutions

For some, it’s the rising house prices, for others disenchantment with wasteful consumerism, but one thing is certain — tiny houses are getting a lot of attention nowadays.

According to Treehugger, the Sycamore is a tiny ready-made home on wheels created by Kansas-based company Made Relative.

Although only 30 feet long, this tiny house offers a bright, open atmosphere thanks to plenty of natural light, a minimalist color palette, and the abundance of rustic wood finishes.

"With the design and creation of Sycamore, we basically did what we have always strived to do in all our tiny homes: make a practical, very usable area with the smallest amount of wasted space possible. We design our houses down to the inch. Our thinking is that you already are sacrificing a lot of space by living in a tiny house, so making sure that your space is very intentional is key to a good design."

Designed in a unique style that combines industrial and rustic, the Sycamore lacks neither amenities nor comfort. 

The living room sits atop a raised platform that includes a custom made couch with integrated storage and an elm-wood desk that functions as a mini-workspace.

The house has two loft spaces that are reachable by a ladder and the company’s signature space-saving stairs that double as storage.

The Sycamore is a great example of a tiny home for people looking to downsize into something more space-efficient and definitely more sustainable. 

Nikola uses his background in electrical engineering to break down complex sustainability topics for GreenCitizen's readers. He is a firm believer in environmental conservation, which he practices daily through recycling and home-grown food. He enjoys hiking, engaging in white-water sports, and collecting pocket knives.

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