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Powered by solar panels and featuring a green roof and surrounding park, the Olympics House integrates with nature rather than exploits it.

Just looking at the newly opened Olympic House is enough to make you marvel at its incredibly unique design.

But once you see a few more angles and how it perfectly integrates with nature, you’re one step closer to understanding how much of a breakthrough this building really is.

Inhabitat has shared some of its most impressive sustainability features.

“The Olympic House boasts a LEED v4 Platinum building certification, with the highest score ever given (93 of 100). Minergie P. and SNBS platinum certifications further prove this building as one of the world’s most sustainable offices.”

Yes, that’s the most sustainable building ever created with the highest measured score.

What I love most about the entire design is that it looks completely different depending on what angle you approach it from.

And that represents the essence of the multicultural Olympics in an amazingly beautiful way.

Powered by solar panels and featuring a green roof and surrounding park, designers made every effort for the building to integrate with nature rather than exploit it. 

And if you’re ever in Lausanne, Switzerland, then make sure you pay a visit, as the surrounding green areas are open to the public.

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