The Global Journey of an Electric Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-tuks and rickshaws might not be common in the western world, but for billions of people around the globe, they provide one of the main forms of transport.

And to prove to the world what is possible with clean solar energy, the Tuk Tuk Life project will attempt to travel around the world in a solar-powered vehicle.

Yes, that’s around the entire world while setting countless new records to gain public attention about the prospects of renewable energy.

A Clean Technica report has summarized the goal of the project like this.

“Tuk Tuk Life, together with Infinite Mobility, will set new records in solar electric endurance, as the tuk tuk will rely solely on renewable energy to drive across four continents. Infinite Mobility is committed and brings with it the company’s expertise in developing sustainable mobility and its experience of the technology required to achieve this goal.”

The 18-month journey will head across Asia, through all of Africa, as well as South and North America.

With a total expected distance of 31,000 miles, this project aims to beat the existing record by over 5,00 miles.

Achieving that entirely powered by the sun should also give a lot of practical and technical insights into how this technology will change our future.

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