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Test-Tube Lab Meat Could Become Reality

I know that the idea of lab-grown meat tends to make a lot of people nervous. Still, the University of California has made some significant breakthroughs that could solve one of the biggest climate-influencing industries.

Both beef and pork are the cause of vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and require massive amounts of water.

Now imagine if you could create a juicy steak or tender pork chop by growing it genetically identical in a lab.

There would be hardly any pollution, practically no water needed, and there would be considerable ethical benefits.

And that’s precisely where the University of California comes in.

Veg News has summarized the goals of the project investment to get to a commercial solution sooner.

“To achieve these project goals, research will focus on four goals: developing efficient methods for amplifying and differentiating stem cells; establishing a way to grow cells inexpensively in a plant-based, serum-free medium; creating materials and methods for making tissue structures; and conducting life cycle, technical, and economic analyses of cultivated meat.“

In fact, those breakthroughs have been substantial enough to attract $3.5 million in research grants from the federal government.

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