Pope Francis announces an update to his pivotal 2015 climate encyclical. Will this new focus reshape global environmental discourse in a changing world?

Pope Francis announced on Monday plans to update his groundbreaking 2015 environmental document on climate change. This unexpected revelation was made during an impromptu addition to his speech to lawyers from the Council of Europe nations.

According to Reuters


Back in 2015, the Pope penned "Laudato Si (Praised Be)", a significant paper focusing on environmental protection, addressing climate change concerns, and advocating for reduced fossil fuel usage. Such encyclicals rank among the most authoritative of papal writings.

In his words, "I am writing a second part to Laudato Si to bring it up to date with current problems." However, Pope Francis did not provide further details.

The 2015 encyclical earned Pope Francis accolades from climate activists and reportedly influenced the landmark Paris climate agreement's decisions. However, the document also sparked criticism from certain conservative factions within the Catholic community and from political and corporate sectors that were opposed to the Pope's stance, affirming the scientific consensus on human-induced climate change.

John Kerry, U.S. climate envoy and former secretary of state, previously emphasized the encyclical's "profound impact" on the Paris Agreement in a conversation with Reuters.

The world has experienced a surge in extreme weather events since the publication of "Laudato Si", including devastating heatwaves, wildfires, and hurricanes. Reflecting on this, a senior Vatican official noted last year that such events have become our "new normal", underscoring the urgent need to address climate change.

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