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NextEra Helps Businesses Electrify Their Fleets

The world’s biggest investor-owned green energy provider expands its services to include helping their clients electrify their fleets.

NextEra Resources has recently acquired a small California-based startup elQ Mobility that has developed software that helps organizations decide on what electric vehicles to buy and how to set up EV charging infrastructure.

According to GreenBiz, the deal underlines the growing market for organizations, utilities, cities, and even federal agencies who are looking to convert their fleets to electric vehicles and meet their sustainability goals and reduce operating costs.

"In the course of us doing our research, it became clear how complicated fleet buying decisions are and customers need to tackle this in a holistic way. We needed a tool to help customers make these decisions," said Chelle Izzi, NextEra Energy's resources executive director, explaining the strategy behind the acquisition.

Izzi also said that customers who already buy onsite solar or energy storage from NextEra have been asking for ways to help manage EV fleets. She believes that the new software will provide a long-term solution for their customers.

Electrifying fleets or helping employees adopt electric vehicles is a great way to reduce transportation-related carbon.

Companies like Amazon, FedEx, and UPS are already embracing electric vehicles for last-mile delivery because routes in this phase are short and mostly urban. 

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