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Maine’s Example Of Sustainable Lobster Fishing

With a family tradition going back 4 generations, two sisters have taken a uniquely sustainable approach to lobster fishing in Maine.

Heather Thompson is the captain of a fishing boat called Gold Digger, and with the help of her sister Hillary, they learned from an early age not only how to fish for lobsters, but how to do so while protecting the industry for future generations.

According to Great Big Story, the all-female crew checks every single lobster they pull aboard for size with a larger than mandated margin. If it doesn’t fit the minimum and maximum size limits, the lobster returns to the ocean. 

What they also do is throw back any lobsters that are carrying eggs, as this is one of the easiest ways to ensure the population size remains intact.

But what’s even more inspiring than their approach to sustainable fishing is how this was passed down through generations.

Their great grandfather practiced the same methods they do today, even though back in those days, there were no regulations.

Heather and Hillary are also teaching their own children how to carry on this tradition in order to keep the legacy going.

It’s an inspiring story and something anyone planning to buy some lobster should look out for.

Watch the full video about this from Great Big Story below.

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