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The Kent Wildlife Trust secures a £100,000 grant, fueling ambitious rewilding projects that could transform South East England’s landscapes.

A significant boost to Kent's rewilding efforts is on the horizon, as the Kent Wildlife Trust secures a £100,000 grant from the charity, Rewilding Britain.

This funding will be used to expand and connect woodland areas in the Blean, a region known for hosting reintroduced bison since last summer.

According to BBC News, the project seeks to link fragmented woodland pieces, previously divided due to agricultural activities and urban development. The grant will aid in rewilding approximately 8,300 hectares of land.

"This exciting project is working at nature’s scale," said Sara King from Rewilding Britain.

It will allow "nature and natural processes to take the lead, while engaging with the local community and providing economic benefits through ecotourism," Ms King added.

Sara King, a representative of Rewilding Britain, lauded the project for its ambitions.

She highlighted how the project is structured to let nature and natural processes take precedence, simultaneously engaging the local community and creating economic opportunities via ecotourism.

Ultimately, the project aims to expand across the South East. The vision includes connecting the Blean with the Kent Downs and the High Weald, thereby creating an even larger rewilded landscape.

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