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Ikea is to remove dairy products from its menu by 2030. This is the latest of the company’s several plans to become climate positive by 2030.

Ikea, a well-known Swedish furniture retailer, has announced plans to remove dairy products from its menu by 2030. This step is part of the company’s sustainability goals to become climate positive by 2030.

According to the Environmental Leader, the plan is called “People and Planet Positive” and includes several initiatives to reduce Ikea’s environmental impact. Currently, Ikea offers several plant-based food options, such as veggieballs, veggie hot dogs, vegan caviar, and plant-based milk alternatives.

“The move to eliminate dairy products from its menus aligns with the growing trend of consumers seeking more plant-based food options for health and environmental reasons. Dairy production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and the industry has also been linked to deforestation and other environmental issues.”

Ikea serves around 650 million customers yearly and has a global reach, so this decision will have a big impact on the industry. Moreover, Ikea already has a sustainable food hall, which offers customers sustainable and healthy food options. Ikea uses several strategies to lower food waste, such as using imperfect produce and food donation.

Ikea was recognized as a leader in sustainability in 2021, and the company received the UN Global Climate Action Award. 

Apart from its food efforts, Ikea has plans for energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable sourcing. The company invests in renewable energy and promotes circularity to maximize the use of recycling materials.

Marina is passionate about sustainability and works to help ensure our planet stays as our home for a long time. She takes part in environmental conservation by recycling and not buying single-use plastic. When not writing, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book or trying out new baking recipes.

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