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Greece has taken steps away from traditional tourism to provide an island nature experience like no other.

Greece is one of the main tourist attractions of Europe and is known for its countless islands, this country also tends to be overdeveloped with a lot of very dry and barren land. 

But the Island of Samothrace provides a true vision of what undisturbed and undamaged nature in Greece could look like. With green flowing hills and endless forests, and clean rivers, it has become a haven for animals and eco-tourists. 

CNN Travel had an interesting report that highlighted some of what the island has to offer.
“Fed by the clear waters of three rivers, rare and endemic plants flourish. Vegetables thrive in fields around the port of Kamariotissa near the island’s western tip, while olive trees and solar panels line terraces carved out along the southern coastline.”

You can reach the island by ferry, and there are a few campsites for tourists to have an immersive experience. Unlike all the other islands, it’s not about providing luxury accommodations and endless bars and restaurants. 

It’s about providing people with the experience of nature and allowing them to explore it in the best possible way. 

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