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Munchkin, a giant sea turtle was found and nursed back to health by her rescuers on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Munchkin, a giant sea turtle was found on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. At first, rescuers thought it was a rock, but as they approached, they saw a 300 lb loggerhead sea turtle that had fallen on hard times.

The rescuers wrapped her up and took her to the New England Aquarium Turtle Hospital. Somewhere in between, they called her Munchkin.

She started to feel better three months into her rescue. The antibiotics also started taking effect and her color returned to a beautiful chestnut of a healthy grown loggerhead.

When she arrived at the rescue center, her temperature was low, and she was underweight. Her front right and the rear flipper were semi-amputated, and she wasn’t very responsive.

According to The Dodo, eight months after her rescue, Munchkin was about ready for her release.

Researchers from the center were also planning to track the giant sea turtle after they released her. The GPS tag they stuck on her back is relatively small, especially when compared to Munchkin’s size.

West Dennis Beach on Cape Cod was chosen as an ideal spot for the release: it faces a part of Nantucket Sound that is going to be a great place for Munchkin’s new home.

On the release day, many people gathered and the excitement grew as Munchkin slowly but surely crawled towards the lapping waves of the Atlantic.

Watch the video from The Dodo below:

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