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Chile reintroduces four young Andean condors into Patagonia, employing satellite tracking to study and protect the species.

In a significant conservation effort, four young Andean condors were released into the wilds of Chilean Patagonia on Wednesday. The birds, named Chicoco, Bagual, Cuyen, and Eclipse, embarked on their journey back to nature after two months of preparation.

Chicoco, found poisoned; Bagual, who fell from his nest; and Cuyen and Eclipse, born in captivity, were part of a rewilding project. This initiative is a collaboration between public and private entities aimed at conserving the species.

Equipped with satellite and radio transmitters, these condors will provide valuable data on their movements. Researchers will track their flight paths and breeding grounds.

Before their release, the condors were cared for at the Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago. They then underwent acclimatization in Patagonia National Park, preparing for their return to the wild.

"Patagonia's abundant food sources make it an ideal release site," said Cristian Saucedo of Rewilding Chile. The tracking also offers insights into condor behavior in one of Earth's most untouched regions.

Patagonia hosts 70% of Chile's Andean condor population. However, numbers are dwindling in central regions due to urbanization and poisoning practices. These birds, which thrive in flocks, will find a supportive community in the national park.

The release into Patagonia is not just a step towards species conservation. It's also crucial for ecosystem restoration and understanding condor biology in Chile. "It's vital for conservation challenges," stated Eduardo Pavez of the Manku Project.

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