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The first ten-minute flight using a hydrogen-powered engine has taken place in the UK.

Air travel and cargo transport have long been highlighted as one of the most polluting industries for climate change. Not only is this industry responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions, but the majority of those emissions happen at an altitude where it can do more damage. 

But some new breakthroughs in aviation technology have resulted in the first flight of a hydrogen-electric engine-powered airplane. The result is a zero-emissions flight that could become the start of further advances to make this a commercially viable solution. 

CNN has reported some interesting details about ZeroAvia’s 19-seater Dornier 228

“The Dornier 228 was retrofitted with a full size prototype hydrogen-electric powertrain, containing two fuel cell stacks, on the aircraft’s left wing. Lithium-ion battery packs amped up support during takeoff, while hydrogen tanks and fuel cell power generation systems were placed inside the cabin, with the seats removed.”

The important thing now will be further research into producing hydrogen in a completely green way. It’s a very energy-intensive process, but renewable energy like wind and solar could be used to produce hydrogen in a sustainable way and transform the aviation and general transport sector. 

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