Fiat 500 3+1 Electric Car Gets An Attractive Redesign

Designed for customers who like a smart sustainable ride in their driveway, the Fiat 500 3+1 now runs on emission-free power.

Designed for customers who like a smart sustainable ride in their driveway, the Fiat 500 3+1 is both stylish and functional. It still relies on the old Fiat 500 charm, but now it has one extra passenger door and runs on emission-free power.

For the interior, designers chose warm and soft textile colors and eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

According to Inhabitat, seats are made from a combination of vegan leather and Seaqual fiber made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean.

“The new Fiat is available in three colors: Rose Gold, Glacier Blue and Onyx Black. It features full LED headlights, two-tone 17” diamond-cut wheel rims and chrome-plated inserts on the windows and side panels, while the seats, dashboard upholstery and steering wheel are all clad in ‘eco-leather.’”

Under the hood, the new Fiat comes with the most advanced level 2 autonomous driving system available. It includes the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, lane centering and control, traffic sign recognition, an autonomous emergency brake with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, and much more.

If you’re in the market for a small electric hatch, stop by your nearest FCA dealer and check out this cute city speeder.

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