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Facebook Steps Up Its Support For Climate Information

While social media platforms like Facebook have come under criticism for data privacy issues, the tech company has been a leading driver in reaching net-zero carbon emissions.

But the company has decided to take additional steps to make it easier to access climate information and research.

After the success and popularity of its dedicated COVID-19 pandemic information center, it seems to be a smart move.

Mashable had some impressive visitor numbers to share.

“The info center is modeled after the platform's COVID-19 Info Center, which Facebook launched earlier this year to provide accurate information about the pandemic. The company claims more than 2 billion people have been directed to that info center, with 600 million clicking through to find more information.”

With so much misinformation about climate science shared online, it’s surprising that nobody has thought of creating a dedicated resource to collect all the credible sources of information.

Facebook hasn’t provided any details of how they will screen this information, and it will be interesting to see how they involve climate scientists in the process.

Overall, it’s a positive move to make reliable information more available. 

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