European Investment Groups Are Shifting To Net-Zero Carbon Funds

Green industries like renewable energy, insulation, and sustainable forestry projects could be in for a massive boost from institutional financing.

Inhabitat has reported on how the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change could increase green industry exposure to $40 trillion in investments. 

“The group distributes its recommended measures to asset managers to help them reach the European Union’s goal to be climate-neutral by 2050. Its policies are based on a framework developed with more than 70 funds around the world.”

This might be a 30-year project to get to a climate-neutral portfolio, but it involves some of the world's largest funds.

It seems like institutional investors, pension funds, and millions of ordinary citizens have significantly increased the demand for exposure to businesses that positively impact our climate.

It's been one of the significant issues for many successful green sectors where access to investment funds hasn't been readily available.

This could also trigger a shift away from the $5 trillion of subsidies to the fossil fuel industry because subsidies often follow the influence of institutional investment. 

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