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Energy Crisis Paves The Way For Green Revolution

The energy crises of the 70s and 80s might seem like they are long in the past, but they can teach us a lot about what to expect from the current one. 

What happened in the 80s was that new building codes forcing better insulation, regulations for lower fuel consumption in cars, and the political push for energy independence brought about major changes in America. 

There’s no doubt that if this hadn’t happened, America would be even more wasteful with energy today. 

The result is a major shift towards reducing energy consumption and finding new ways to boost green energy production to make up for a lot of the supply losses. 

Treehugger has reported some interesting details in a recent article.
“There is a high-voltage direct current cable being strung between Morocco and Britain that will bring in 3.6 gigawatts of electricity at half the cost of nuclear plants being built now. Global solar installations are up 38% over last year.”

Currently, it’s mainly Europe that has suffered the most severe impact from this energy crisis. But governments are taking many drastic steps to expand current green energy production and explore many new methods that are now economically feasible.

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