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Startup electric truck maker Lordstown Motors and Camping World has announced a partnership to develop a new electric RV.

Lockdowns and quarantine requirements in many parts of the world, as well as airlines canceling flights due to lack of demand, dealt a heavy blow to the travel and leisure industry.

Interestingly, there’s been a large spike in popularity in the use of recreational vehicles (RVs) for domestic travel this year.

An RV allows families to stay socially distanced while visiting landmarks and enjoying the scenery in full comfort. 

According to Triple Pundit, there’s hardly been a better time for startup electric truck maker Lordstown Motors and Camping World to announce a partnership — and develop a new electric RV.

“Initially, the partnership will focus on building an electrified travel trailer to go on sale by 2022. The trailer will feature on-board batteries to power appliances, replacing the typical fossil-fuel generator. To be clear, travel trailers still need to be towed by a truck, so it’s the planned next phase which offers the potential for full electrification.”

Traditional diesel RVs are not very fuel-economic, about 10 miles per gallon. This makes electric RVs an exciting proposition, provided the companies can build a rig that can cover a decent range between charges.

Camping grounds typically have electric hook-up points, so the existing infrastructure might be used for charging RV batteries, too.

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