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Virginia’s Dulles Airport pioneers with the largest U.S. airport solar project. A leap toward a cleaner, energy-efficient future, inspiring national change.

Dulles International Airport, located in Virginia, has embarked on a groundbreaking solar and energy storage project. Poised to become the most expansive renewable energy initiative at any U.S. airport, the Dulles Solar and Energy Project aims to generate an impressive 100 megawatts of solar energy. Moreover, it boasts a storage capacity of 50 megawatts. 

According to Environmental Leader, that's sufficient to electrify over 37,000 Virginia homes during maximum output. Dominion Energy, a leading player in the project, will cater to its consumers with this energy.


In an interesting twist to typical lease agreements, Dominion is set to construct two solar carports, each having a 1 MW capacity, for Dulles. These carports will partly power the airport's facilities. Additionally, Dominion will supply Dulles with 18 electric buses, 50 electric vehicles for their fleet, and set up electric vehicle charging points. This comes as an alternative to the conventional rent Dominion would offer to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA).

Spanning 835 acres at Dulles's southwest edge, the project's construction phase is set to kick off towards the end of 2023, with an anticipated completion by the close of 2026.

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Dominion Energy serves approximately 7 million customers spread across 16 states.

Beyond its environmental benefits, this venture is set to invigorate the local economy. Estimates suggest the creation of 300 jobs and a $200 million boost in economic activities. This initiative has garnered approvals from multiple state and federal agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Virginia State Corporation Commission, following years of thorough reviews.

“This groundbreaking marks the beginning of a historic achievement – a first-of-its-kind renewable energy project at a major U.S. airport,” Virginia Sen. Mark Warner showed his enthusiasm in his statement. “I’m hopeful this partnership will serve as a model for future renewable energy projects across the country, paving the way for a greener, energy-independent future. With additional federal investments in clean energy made possible by the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act, I’m confident that Virginia will continue to lead the way in innovative clean energy production.”

This endeavor aligns with the broader shift in the aviation sector towards cleaner fuel alternatives. Notably, Jet Blue and Shell Aviation recently teamed up, aiming to introduce sustainable fuel at Los Angeles International Airport.

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