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Could a drone manufacturing company have the solution for reforestation programs after the vast wildfires?

In a rather strange twist of technology, a company named DroneSeed has reinvented what was once just a small hobby helicopter-like device. And it all started with seeing how much damage wildfires have done this year alone. 

Reforestation after vast areas are destroyed by fire is a high priority to ensure that ecosystems can redevelop to create safe homes for wildlife. But considering the vast areas, that has become a tall order for such a manual, labor-intensive job. 

Inhabitat has shared some insights about DroneSeed. 

DroneSeed has spent the past few years developing a drone system that specifically targets the most efficient way to replant forests following a burn. It began by evaluating the current method of reforestation, which requires nurseries to spend one to two years growing small trees that are then hauled to the forest and planted by hand.  

The solution is for workers to control drones to cover much larger areas of land and precisely deliver plant seeds to locations where they have the highest chance of thriving. 

The drones deliver small pods with fertilizer and the seeds into different locations, and as a result, there is a lot less waste in the process as well. The company estimates that workers can cover two acres per day, making them that much more effective.

The results could be a significant change in how fast these areas of forest regrow. 

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