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Denmark’s new aviation tax aims for eco-friendly flying, encouraging EU members to join the green initiative.

Denmark's government has announced a pioneering green tax on air travel. Set to start in 2025, this tax will be added to plane tickets. Denmark is also urging other European Union states to adopt similar measures, AFP reports.

Transportation Minister Thomas Danielsen said, “The transport sector is currently undertaking a rapid green transition, and with this agreement, this also concerns aviation. It will still be possible to fly, but it must be possible to do this in an environmentally friendly way.”

The tax will affect flights departing from Denmark, excluding connecting flights.

The Danish Ministry of Taxation outlined the tax details. By 2030, passengers on European flights will pay approximately $7.35. Medium-distance flights will incur a $45.33 tax, and long flights will cost an additional $59.95, Reuters reported. Climate Minister Lars Aagaard anticipates future EU-wide regulations. He stated, “I imagine that as the years go by we shall have common European regulation in this area. That would be the right way forward.”

Revenue from this tax will support sustainable fuel in domestic air travel. It also aims to increase pensions by about $2.18 billion annually for those receiving minimal benefits.

Our World in Data highlights transportation's significant carbon footprint, about a quarter of the energy sector’s global emissions. It notes cycling and walking as the least carbon-intensive travel modes. Biking instead of driving can reduce emissions by roughly 75 percent for short trips.

Conversely, domestic air travel is the most carbon-intensive mode.

Aagaard emphasized the environmental impact of flying. He said, “Flying takes a toll on the climate, which is why we need to equip our flight sector with green wings.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported that aviation contributed two percent to energy sector carbon dioxide emissions in 2022.

The IEA emphasizes the need for various measures. These include low-emission fuels, airframe and engine improvements, operational optimization, and demand control. All aim to curb emissions and align with the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario.

Denmark's goal is a fully green-fueled domestic flight route by 2025, CNN reported.

Aagaard, speaking in November, asserted Denmark's commitment to a sustainable aviation sector. He stated, “The aviation sector in Denmark must – just like all other industries – reduce its climate footprint and move towards a green future.”

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