Columbia University Launches First Ever CO2 Removal Law Database

Columbia University has created the first publicly available carbon dioxide removal law database to make it easier for people to find relevant laws and restrictions.

Talks of achieving climate neutrality often focus on just reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy and shifting the way we power our cars and homes.

But CO2 removal is going to be a huge part of achieving that carbon neutrality both for short and long term goals.

One of the issues when it comes to changing laws is that there are a lot of laws and regulations already in place for many of the techniques that scientists are exploring.

That’s why Columbia University has created the first publicly available carbon dioxide removal law database.

Here is some more information from Columbia University's Earth Institute's official announcement.

“The site has 530 resources on legal issues related to carbon dioxide removal, including such techniques as: direct air capture; enhanced weathering; afforestation/reforestation; bioenergy with carbon capture and storage; biochar; ocean and coastal carbon dioxide removal; ocean iron fertilization; and soil carbon sequestration.”

The goal is to make it a lot easier for scientists, scholars, private companies, and governments to find relevant laws and restrictions.

Similar projects in other environmental areas have been a huge success as they can significantly reduce research time and allow for more focus on coming up with viable solutions.

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