China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge Set For 2060 By President Xi Jinping

In the (mostly remote for obvious reasons) 75th UN General Assembly, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated China’s carbon neutrality pledge in a prerecorded message to UN leaders.

The country is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060, with other large structures like the EU aiming for 2050.

Xi Jinping called for a “green revolution.” The Independent explains:

“Humankind can no longer afford to ignore the repeated warnings of nature and go down the beaten path of extracting resources without investing in conservation, pursuing development at the expense of protection, and exploiting resources without restoration,” Mr. Xi said.

He went on to note that the Paris Agreement – which aims to curb global warming well below 2C – is an outline of the “minimum steps to be taken to protect the Earth, our shared homeland.”

If the most populated country on Earth can start implementing greener policies, then hopefully the rest of us will follow suit.

Joe is passionate about environmentalism and the effect it has on our planet. He’s been a vegetarian for 10 years and is very strict about recycling in his apartment. As well as writing, he likes to spend time singing, playing the guitar, and defending pineapple on pizza.

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