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China plans to lead in eco-friendly shipping, focusing on methanol and LNG-powered vessels by 2025.

China has announced a bold objective in the shipping sector. By 2025, the country aims to produce over half of the world's cleaner-fuel ships. This initiative was outlined in guidelines from the industry ministry on Thursday.

Although specific numbers of ships weren't provided, the plan is clear. China intends to construct more ships using lower-carbon fuels. These include methanol and liquefied natural gas (LNG). This strategy is part of Beijing's broader goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology emphasize innovation. They call for improvements in traditional and LNG marine engine efficiency. The document also urges increasing the use of LNG in marine engines at scale.

Progress in reducing pollution and carbon emissions has been noted. Key enterprises have seen a 13.5% drop in comprehensive energy consumption per 10,000 yuan since 2020.

The guidelines indicate a complete environmental overhaul of China's shipping industry by 2030. This move positions China as a leader in eco-friendly maritime practices, aligning with global environmental goals.

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