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Champion Athleticwear launches new Eco Future collection with CiCLO technology to reduce microplastic pollution from clothing.

In a groundbreaking move, Champion Athleticwear has unveiled its new textile technology collection, the Eco Future Reverse Weave with CiCLO technology. This innovative approach is poised to reduce microplastic pollution stemming from synthetic materials significantly.

The core concept of CiCLO technology lies in its ability to make synthetic textiles behave more like natural fibers once they enter the environment. Traditional synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, being plastic-based, are notoriously non-biodegradable. This results in persistent environmental pollution.

CiCLO's unique technology, when integrated into polyester or nylon, transforms these fibers to act similarly to natural counterparts such as cotton or wool. Champion notes that this technology effectively sets an 'expiration date' on polyester, reducing its long-term environmental impact.

Champion's latest collection, which incorporates CiCLO’s technology, offers an array of products, including crewnecks and joggers. These will be available for purchase online and in Champion stores starting December 6. Notably, the collection also employs nature-derived dyes, utilizing ingredients like pomegranate, annatto fruit, and terminalia chebula fruit.

Vanessa LeFebvre, President of Global Activewear at Champion, expressed the company's commitment in a press release: “As we continue to innovate and evolve, Champion is dedicated to creating solutions through products that will ensure a better tomorrow for our planet and the people living on it.” She emphasized Champion's role as a catalyst for positive change in the fashion industry, promoting conscious choices and responsible actions.

The urgency of this initiative is underscored by the fact that the textile industry is a significant contributor to global environmental issues. It's estimated by the European Parliament that textile production accounts for about 20% of global clean water pollution from dyeing and finishing processes. Moreover, the fashion industry is responsible for approximately 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Champion joins the ranks of other brands actively working to mitigate the fashion industry's environmental footprint. Nike, for instance, has recently launched a fully recyclable shoe, free from glue, allowing for complete recyclability at the end of its lifecycle. Similarly, Adidas, Inditex, Target, and Zalando have collaborated on a pilot program with Fashion For Good to enhance recycling processes.

Crocs, too, has stepped up with a takeback program focusing on recycling and reusing its products. Additionally, Better Cotton has introduced a traceability tool in the textile sector, allowing companies to track the origin and impact of cotton in their supply chain.

These initiatives represent a significant shift in the textile and fashion industry, as major brands like Champion lead the way towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

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