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Environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy advocates for a ban on single-use vapes at festivals and events, as discarded vapes pose increasing environmental hazards.

A ban on single-use vaping devices at Welsh events and festivals has been suggested by Keep Wales Tidy, an environmental charity. This proposal follows calls from local authorities in both England and Wales for an outright ban on these products by 2024, owing to the environmental harm posed by discarded vapes.

According to BBC, Owen Derbyshire, Chief Executive of Keep Wales Tidy, noted that the issue with discarded vapes has escalated in recent years. "Organizations and festivals need to contemplate banning single-use vapes," he proposed.
A study conducted by the charity discovered the presence of single-use vapes on 6% of Swansea's streets in 2022, and on 20% of Cardiff's streets in 2023. Derbyshire clarified, "We're not against vaping. But the hard plastic and batteries in vapes pose a direct threat to our environment, wildlife, and Wales's biodiversity."

Recently, Glastonbury Festival placed single-use vapes on its prohibited items list. Similarly, the Green Man Festival and the National Eisteddfod in Wales are reviewing their lists for upcoming events.

The Royal Welsh Show is introducing a ban on single-use plastics for the first time as part of its wider environmental policy, with the event commencing next week. Aled Rhys Jones, the show's CEO, is encouraging vendors to reduce plastic use and opt for compostable, recyclable packaging.

Cardiff University has been commissioned by the agricultural society to conduct an environmental review post-event. Furthermore, as part of their new policy, all electricity at the show will be sourced from renewables.

Despite environmental concerns, some argue that the potential benefits of single-use vapes should not be overlooked. Suzanne Cass, CEO of Ash Wales, expressed worry that banning these disposable products could hinder efforts to quit smoking. She suggested that recycling stations could be provided at these events for safe disposal.

The Welsh government stated, "We are reviewing the Extended Producer Responsibility requirements on a UK level with regards to waste electronics, including vapes," suggesting a move towards facilitating better recycling practices for electronic waste.

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