Boosting Crop Growth with Climate-Friendly LEDs

Studio Roosegaarde in Holland has come up with a beautifully unique idea for creating visual art along with crop growth improvements as part of a film production called GROW.

Daan Roosegaarde led the project that resulted in a crop of leek lit up with LEDs during the night. It’s a visual spectacle at night, but the concept was more about improving growth and crop yields

Inhabitat had some great insights into how this idea came about in a recent report. 

“Located in the rural Dutch town Lelystad, GROW takes inspiration from the use of specialized LEDs to help grow crops. While assisted grow lights are typically used in indoor and urban settings, such as vertical greenhouses, Roosegaarde wanted to explore an opportunity to use these LEDs in rural, outdoor areas.”

By using blue, red, and UV light ranges, the idea is to project that light horizontally onto plants in a brilliant light show. The result is extended daylight time that encourages plants to grow faster.

Solar power-charged batteries are the power source, so it’s a climate-friendly solution as well. And by using highly precise lighting techniques, the LEDs only need to be on for a short while after sunset. 

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