Big Boost For Community Level Solar Projects

The Department of Energy has announced large-scale projects to support community solar power projects and deliver electricity to 5 million homes around the U.S.

The Department of Energy has announced a large-scale project plan that aims to support community solar power projects and deliver electricity to 5 million homes around the U.S. 

And the great news about the project is that it doesn't have some distant goal of achieving this in 20 years' time. The goal is to achieve this by 2025 and is a big part of the current administration's 100% clean energy goal for 2035.

A report in CleanTechnica had some background information on why this is such an important approach. 

“There is enough solar installed to power 19 million households across the United States. Despite this unprecedented deployment, many Americans still lack access to affordable solar electricity, including many renters, homeowners who lack affordable financing options, and those without suitable roof conditions.”

These community projects allow people to sign up for a portion of the solar supply, thereby creating the demand needed to get these projects off the ground in the first place. 

It's also important for low-income homes where the large upfront solar panel investments simply aren't possible. Many of these people still want to do what's right, and that's precisely what they can do through these community solar projects. 

Hopefully, this federal investment will provide a blueprint of what is possible so that more money flows into such solar projects.

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