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Aun Kamphen spent many years studying architecture before he decided to turn his life upside down and try his hands at organic farming.

Aun Kamphen spent many years studying architecture and living in a city where he simply found that he didn't own his own life.

Everything revolved around urban living, and this led him to turn his life upside down and to try his hands at organic farming.

Rather than design buildings, he decided to design his own life in a way that makes him happy.

First of all, he shifted his mindset from the 9 to 5 concepts and making money being at the core of his life, to ignoring money and focusing on a sustainable life.

And he did this by experimenting with all types of plants and a farming approach that is relatively simple.

Rather than just focus on organic farming of one or two types of crops, he started planting a variety of different crops. And for him, it made economic sense, according to the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute.

If one crop got hit by a fungus or other disease, he wouldn't lose everything. This also saves his family a lot of money from buying food, as the variety of crops can provide them with most of their daily meals.

His parents also paved the way for him to stay away from any types of chemicals, as the heavy use on the family farm had made them sick.

Their choice was simple: either continue with monoculture farming, put their lives at risk, or switch to a fully organic variety of vegetables.

Watch the full video from the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute.

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