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Audi is leading the way in creating innovative and environmental automobile solutions with their new autonomous concept car.

Audi has long been a company that has led the way in creating innovative automobile solutions, especially when it comes to safety features.

But the German luxury carmaker has now announced a new autonomous concept car with new artificial intelligence and all-electric driving.

And it’s not all about the latest and futuristic technology.

A report in Design Boom had some interesting details on the use of wood and plants.

“On the inside, a traffic-proof interior which filters out unwanted noise is complete with soft textures, wooden accents and a pergola roof where trailing plants can grow freely. a first in the automobile industry, filigree wooden struts in the roof area welcomes the use of real plants to create a feeling of proximity to nature.”

Yes, the concept car designers took some leaps forward by combining nature and technology to drive home the green transport agenda. 

The project is called AI:ME, and it certainly has a very futuristic element to the look and feel.

The advanced AI and machine learning has a goal of new forms of communications between autonomous cars, as well as interpreting human driver actions on the road.

If this is what the future of driving is like, then it looks very bright indeed. 

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