A Fashion Initiative That Helps Identify More Sustainable Materials

Gap’s Preferred Fiber Toolkit allows for more accurate data assessment when it comes to sourcing for more eco-friendly materials.

The fashion industry has gained a significant breakthrough from Gap’s Preferred Fiber Toolkit, which allows for more accurate data assessment when it comes to sourcing for more eco-friendly materials.

Given the long supply chain of all the materials the fashion industry uses, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to hold up to their sustainability commitments.

The new tool will make it easier to assess the environmental impacts that different sources have and provide a score that allows decision-makers to choose the most eco-friendly options.

Triple Pundit has reported about who is involved in the project.

“Gap Inc. is partnering with the Textile Exchange to release Gap’s Preferred Fiber Toolkit (PFT) by the end of this year. Textile Exchange, a developer of the toolkit and one of the independent reviewers along with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, will be taking ownership of the toolkit for its broader distribution across the fashion industry.”

While COVID-19 may have delayed the full development and integration into the Gap’s business models, the company still expects to make the tool available to the fashion industry in the coming year.

And as the toolkit collects more data from other companies, the shared resource could provide increasing levels of accuracy to completely change an industry’s environmental footprint.

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