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New Singapore App Rewards Your Green Purchase With Cashback

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Developed by a Singapore-based startup, an app called susGain can help you adopt a greener lifestyle by rewarding your eco-conscious shopping decisions.

Every time you make a purchase at one of the green stores featured in the app, whether brick and mortar or online, you get to earn cashback. You can also match your cashback to a cause or charity of your choice, cent-for-cent.

According to Vulcan Post, Carolin and Jeebar, the founders of the app, say that susGain was created to close the “intention-action gap” in Singapore. 

“While awareness about sustainability is growing in Singapore, people don’t know how to get started so susGain was created as a response. The app incentivizes average consumers to go green using a game theory: reward responsible practices with monetary reward. Reciprocal actions turn into sustainable lifestyles.”

You can also get susGain points by using water refill stations, recycling points, and other utilities around the town that are supported in the app.

The Singapore app doesn’t benefit just the users, but also the companies and charities it partners with.

Businesses that invest in an eco-conscious lifestyle can reach a wider audience and expand their customer bases, while charities gain additional funding sources and attract corporate benefactors. 

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