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Milwaukee Shows Off Energy Saving Innovations

Chris Bolt

December 7, 2020
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During an event hosted at the Midwest Energy Research Consortium, universities and energy-saving companies had the opportunity to show off some of their latest innovations.

Basically, it’s a presentation forum where young companies and research universities have the opportunity to show off their ideas and inventions.

It’s not all about immediate investment returns but a way to encourage start-ups and entrepreneurs to find the support they need to take those ideas to the next stage.

WUWM 89.7 has summarized the success of this event.

“All the companies showcased at M-WERC have something in common: they're seeking more investors. But M-WERC CEO Alan Perlstine says almost all of the firms taking part in the five years of WERCBench Labs are still open.”

The mission is to give these innovators more support to help them develop the skills and talent to be able to attract investment funding.

With access to accelerator programs, labs, and even high-tech testing facilities, it’s all about developing the ideas to fruition.

With such a success rate so far, this should become a blueprint for similar events to take place all over the country.

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