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Mexican Farmer Dedicates Land to Carbon Capture

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Ricardo Romero is a farmer who inherited a cattle ranch from his father decades ago in Veracruz, Mexico. Now he’s looking to sequester (i.e. capture) carbon and make a positive impact with his land, helping to reduce the emissions in the air.

In a video by Vice News, the Mexico farmer explains how he plants large amounts of bamboo because certain plants are very good at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. It turns out that bamboo is one of the best plants for carbon sequestration.

In fact, just 1 acre of carbon can capture 5 tons of carbon emissions in a year.

If all farmers did what Ricardo was doing, we could capture 1.2 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year, sending us back to pre-industrial times very quickly.

While that may be a long shot for now, this farm is a brilliant start nonetheless.

Ricardo also employs sustainable practices at his ranch, using the dung from his cows to help fertilize his carbon-capturing plants.

However, running such an eco-conscious farm takes a lot of work and labor, so it’s no surprise that this hasn’t been rolled out on a large scale.

Still, when individual people prove things are possible, it’s just a matter of time before big business catches on and makes it economically viable.

Watch the video from Vice News below:

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