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Meet ‘Casa Volcanes’ The Colombian Home Made From 80% Reclaimed Wood

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At the top of Columbia’s Calandaíma River Valley lies Casa Volcanes, a home in the middle of the rainforest whose wood construction is 80% reclaimed from local rainforests in Bogota.

The architects say that the reclaimed and natural elements of the home aren’t only environmentally friendly and visually appealing, but they helped to keep the costs down too. I mean, if you can do good for the world and save some cash in the process, more power to you!

Inhabitat explains:

“Dark materials are used both for economic value and to highlight the raw sensation of the building’s relationship with its environmental surroundings. The architects chose handmade charcoal brick to continue the home’s theme of blending seamlessly into the forest. Its location in Anapoima, just two hours from Bogotá, provides incredible jungle views and serene scenery that are enhanced by the locally sourced building materials.”

This really is the definition of hitting several birds with one stone. Environmental? Check. Great design? Check. Saved some cash? Check.

Everybody wins.

While I love the look of Casa Volcanes and the ethos behind it, there are lots of animals and insects in the rainforest that would make me scream and pass out, so I’m not sure I’d be the best tenant for this place.

I know, I’m a wuss.

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