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Marie Bee Bloom Takes Compostable Face Masks To a New Level

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With face masks becoming a new normal part of everyday life, some initial concerns about the environmental impacts of millions of these discarded masks may now come to an end.

A new mask called Marie Bee Bloom was the idea of a Dutch design firm called Pons Ontwerp. And the designers looked at every aspect to make sure it’s biodegradable.

Interesting Engineering has published an article that highlighted how sustainable these masks are.

“The ear loops are made from simple spun wool which you can adjust to fit your face thanks to a cord fastener which is just a tiny flower punched out of an egg carton. Even the glue that's used to hold the mask together is made from potato starch.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

The company has also added a few seeds of Dutch meadow flowers, which means that under the right conditions, the masks will degrade and provide fertilizer for the seeds to grow into new plants and flowers.

The seeds specifically encourage the growth of flowers that bees favor, and it really sets a whole new stage for a new industry. 

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