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Why GreenCitizen?

Why GreenCitizen?

GreenCitizen was created to help prevent the San Francisco Bay Area’s electronic waste from expanding our toxic footprint on the environment. We’re the responsible alternative to all those recycling companies that actually recycle only the high-value electronics to resell for profit, while shipping the remaining low-value items overseas to be dumped in landfills, affecting the environment and human health.
At GreenCitizen, we accept anything that plugs in or runs on battery, regardless of its potential value. We repair and donate or resell any item that is reusable; in fact, we’re proud to repair 10% of the items that we collect. We recycle the remainder in partnership with R2 and e-Stewards certified recyclers operating within 150 miles of San Francisco. GreenCitizen does not ship items overseas, and nothing that comes through our door ends up in a landfill. We recycle these items at a loss, an economic sacrifice that allows us to divert thousands of pounds of electronics from entering landfills every day.
At GreenCitizen, we’re serious about transparency and accountability. We’ve spent ten years developing GTAMS (GreenCitizen Total Accountability Management System), proprietary software that lets us track literally every item and component that comes through our door. With this data at our fingertips, we’re confident in putting our reputation on the line to ensure that every item is either reused, broken down for its raw materials, or properly disposed of — locally and responsibly. By recycling locally, GreenCitizen reduces the pollution associated with transporting discarded electronics. And by working with only e-Stewards or R2 certified electronics recycling partners in conjunction with our GTAMS data, we know that the materials we collect will be reused to create new products, increasing the supply of raw materials and reducing our reliance on mining for new materials. While we acknowledge that zero waste isn’t always possible, our system of careful sorting and exhaustive tracking brings it much closer to reality than most other recycling companies.
You can schedule a business pickup or drop off your electronic items at our EcoCenter in Burlingame, CA six days a week, or we can collect directly from your office. Our staff is educated, mission-driven, and ready to help. Our services are convenient, accountable, and environmentally beneficial. Why GreenCitizen? Really, the question should be: Why recycle anywhere else?

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