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Latest Philippines Energy Policy Accepts No More Coal Plant Applications

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The Philippines' Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi announced that the state will no longer accept new applications for greenfield coal power plants.

The decision is a result of the latest assessment by the Department of Energy (DOE) which is in favor of a more flexible power supply model that would pave the way to a more sustainable national power system.

Preceding the Philippines coal power plants moratorium, Cusi has blocked proposals to ban coal unless the country’s energy security is threatened.

Now, according to Rappler, the latest energy review is calling for new, cleaner, and original technological innovations.

“It is unclear how many coal power plant applications will be affected by the latest DOE policy. The new policy does not cover applications that have already been endorsed or have secured the needed permits. In 2019, the country's power generation mix was dominated by coal with a share of 54.6%. Without changes to the power mix, a Fitch Solutions report estimated that coal would have dominated the mix by 60.2% in 2029.”

The new policy comes right on time for the DOE’s approval of nuclear power in the country’s energy mix.

Local energy groups welcomed the policy, hoping it would help the Philippines access clean energy in the long term, but also remind that follow-up action is needed — one that would phase out the currently installed 9.8 GW of coal plants countrywide.

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