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How Colored Cotton Could Make Fashion More Sustainable

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Scientists in Canberra, Australia are looking for a way to grow colored cotton en masse, helping to reduce the fashion industry’s long held dependence on artificial dyes, many of which are bad for the environment.

The researchers at CSIRO are trying to grow colored cotton by inserting certain genes into the DNA of the white cotton plant, and they’ve already had some success.

In the video by Bloomberg Quicktake: Now, you can see cotton that has been artificially grown in oranges, yellows, reds, purples, and many other colors.

The researchers are also looking to develop wrinkle-free cotton too, reducing the need for regular ironing and steaming while helping clothes to have a longer lifetime in general.

If the efforts are a success, this could cause a massive shift in the global textile industry, encouraging a switch toward more sustainable colored cotton.

The fashion industry contributes around 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions, so it’s essential we look for ways to change it.

By fighting the trend of fast fashion, encouraging sustainable materials, and incorporating the use of pre-colored cotton like this, we may be able to fight climate change without looking unfashionable in the process.

Watch the video from Bloomberg Quicktake: Now below.

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