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Estonian Company Connects Forest Owners With Investment Funds

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A new digital platform called Single.Earth has secured millions of dollars in initial funding to support its concept of finding investments to pay landowners to protect wetlands and forests.

It’s an innovative way to spark more interest in the carbon-offset market, and Yahoo News has reported some of the expected investment results. 

“Single.Earth’s initiative could be fertile ground - given the global carbon-offset market is expected to grow to $200 billion by 2050, from $600 million in 2019, according to Berenberg forecasts.

Valdsalu said offset projects could not only generate a decent annual profit of 5% for investors... but also encourage landowners to leave trees standing.”

While reforestation projects are growing, there have been increasing calls to stop the negative action of existing forestry impacts. 

If this and similar digital platforms can gain access to large enough portions of the carbon market, then we should see significant progress in protecting some of the most at-risk ecosystems. 

The big question will be how soon such opportunities will become available for easy access in the rest of the world.

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