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Electronic Recycling Center San Francisco Bay Area

GreenCitizen is your first and only destination for socially responsible e-waste recycling and disposal in the San Francisco Bay Area, whether your needs are business or personal.

We offer business recycling pickup, drop-off recycling, secure and certified hard disk destruction, tape recycling and destruction, IT asset disposition, product destruction, and Styrofoam recycling.

Bring us your working 2014-or-newer computers for recycling, and we’ll provide free data destruction with a certificate!

We’re proud to work with over 25,000 business customers and over 270,000 consumers to recycle electronics responsibly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Socially Responsible Mission:

GreenCitizen’s mission is to develop a sustainable metropolitan model for providing San Francisco Bay Area individuals and businesses with a convenient, accountable way to reuse and recycle electronics.

GreenCitizen provides pickup services for businesses, and a convenient drop-off location for consumers at its Burlingame Education EcoCenter.

GreenCitizen is 100% self-sustaining, without government funding or donations. Revenues generated by 10% of the newer recycled computers and electronics cover the company’s operational expenses and the costs associated with properly disposing of older electronics. Since inception, GreenCitizen has saved over 22 million pounds of electronics from local landfills and global dumps. It has extended the life of over 210,000 reusable computers and electronic devices, as well as serving over 250,000 consumers and 25,000 businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

GreenCitizen’s staff is well-educated and passionate about protecting the environment. Many of them hold degrees in environmental science and related majors from top universities in the U.S. and around the world. They proactively engage with our customers in discussions about the e-waste crisis and how to combat it every day.

About e-Waste

Although electronic waste accounts for only 2% of America’s trash, it’s responsible for over 70% of the nation’s hazardous waste. The EPA estimates that 4 out of 5 units sent to electronic recyclers are shipped to unregulated electronic waste dumps in developing countries.

GreenCitizen is committed to refurbishing and reselling every possible item that comes through its door for recycling, and responsibly sorting those items which can’t be refurbished or resold. The sorted components and materials are recycled locally with e-Stewards or R2 certified vendors within 150 miles of the Bay Area. Recycling locally reduces transportation costs, as well as the environmental harm that occurs when hazardous waste is shipped overseas for unregulated disposal.