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Electric Car Sales Hit Record 58% In Norway

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Norway, like much of Scandinavia, seems to be a haven. Great standards of living, brilliant scenery, and apparently a penchant for electric vehicles too.

Reports show that 58% of Norwegians bought an electric car in March 2019, almost doubling from March of the previous year. The Tesla Model 3 was particularly popular.

As electric car sales continue to soar, the Norwegian government continues to offer tax breaks and incentives to electric car owners, hoping to entice more and more people.

The country’s affluence and disposable income have helped to make this switch possible for everyday people, as NPR explains:

“On average, Norwegians are among the richest people in the world, meaning many of the country's citizens can afford a new electric car. In the 25-year period from 1992 to 2017, Norway's gross national income per capita more than tripled to nearly $64,000, according to the World Bank. And then there are the incentives. For years, Norwegians who opted for a zero-emissions car enjoyed a wealth of benefits, including an exemption from sales, import and road taxes.”

This is great to hear, and I hope that we can eventually replicate this boost in electric car sales around the world, not only in Norway.

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