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Captivating Sculpture Combines Botany and Architecture

Chris Bolt

April 7, 2021
Featured image for Captivating Sculpture Combine Botany and Architecture article

When you hear stories about new creations that combine botany and architecture, you'll probably think of some form of eco-living building that integrates with nature.

But TerraLiving has created something so unique that it's hard to believe that 3D-printed architecture could fit on your office desk. 

An article from Yanko Design shared some of the details of this fascinating new creation.

“The Chloroplast 2.0 is a custom-made, hand-grown terrarium designed by Malaysia-based TerraLiving. It comes with ZERO Moss, a preserved moss that requires virtually no care and automatically feeds off sunlight and CO2 to release fresh oxygen. The terrarium comes completely encased within a bell-jar which can be lifted to reveal the complex, self-sustaining natural biome within.”

The company has dedicated itself to showing off the world of mosses and preserving their place in ecosystems.

And for anyone who doesn't have a gardener's touch when it comes to keeping plants alive in the home, it'll come as good news that these bio-domes don't even need watering.

The mosses can live for decades on the complex microbiome, meaning that you can enjoy the living and breathing artwork for years to come.

It's definitely worth checking out some of their stunning creations to see if one of them suits your home or office.

See the Chloroplast 2.0 in action below.

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