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Capri’s Innovative Power Station Replaces The Island’s Diesel Plant

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The new Terna electric power station on the island of Capri in Italy is a brilliant example of sustainable architecture that blends seamlessly into the unique landscape of the Mediterranean island.

Overlooking the azure waters of the bay, the new station stands in place of the island’s old diesel-fired power plant. 

Inhabitat reports that the new power station acts as a hub that connects Capri and the mainland. It’s made possible through an investment of 150 million euros aimed to provide this resort island with renewable energy from the mainland and cut emissions to zero.

“A new power line lies completely underwater and underground, delivering more reliability, efficiency and quality to the local electrical service. Connecting Capri to the rest of Italy’s electric grid will save the island an estimated 20 million euros per year and reduce the carbon emissions by 130,000 tons.”

The architects used colors and materials that mimic the island's landscape and traditional stone buildings. 

The materials are also resistant to aggressive environmental conditions like salty air, humidity, and unforgiving sun rays.

The whole complex is landscaped using native and locals shrubs and plants that completely eliminate the need for gardening maintenance.

That’s sustainability, aesthetics, and cost savings all in one!

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