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Solar installer jobs are among the most profitable skilled trades jobs available today. But how do you find one of these jobs? What skills must you have?

Solar installer jobs are among the most profitable skilled trades jobs available today. With the great demand for both commercial and residential photovoltaic (PV) system installers, you too could launch a lucrative, stable career that offers a high level of flexibility and generous pay.

But how do you find one of these jobs? What skills must you have in order to become a successful solar installer?

How To Become A Solar Installer

Professional Schooling

Those who want to work with solar panels may choose to pursue professional schooling. The one thing to keep in mind when looking to get educated on how to become a solar installer is that most states require at least a bachelor's degree before working in the field.

However, many people go on to complete advanced education after obtaining a bachelor's degree, going on to become professionals in their field.

By getting an education and certification related to how to become a solar installer, you will gain valuable knowledge that will serve you well on the job. [1] You may even get offers to upgrade your current position and begin working in a different field that requires PV training.

Whether you go on to earn your degree or certification, making sure you are properly prepared will set you apart from other potential employees.

Internships Or Training Programs

Another way to go about getting trained to work in solar installer jobs is to get internships or online and offline training programs.

Online programs will also give you a better understanding of the solar energy industry, allowing you to understand the factors that contribute to rising costs and how to address them.

These can either be obtained through an institution such as a local community college or vocational/trade school, or it can come from off-the-shelf software or instruction products.

Both are viable options, but oftentimes more helpful than simply getting a post-secondary education. Post-secondary education can often be expensive, while on-the-job training can be much more affordable. It can even help boost your chances for on-the-job training when you are looking to move up in your current job.

But before enrolling in a training program, it will be wise to ask yourself how much experience you currently have with installing solar panels.

Are you currently an apprentice with an established solar installation business, or do you have a general knowledge of electricity and solar energy?

Having an established business is advantageous in that you already have customers and can speak to them about your training program and the benefits they stand to gain from working with you.

On the other hand, having no experience whatsoever may limit your ability to get jobs as a solar installer. In addition, the more experience you have, the easier it will be to find good solar installer jobs.

Types of Solar Installation Jobs

There are two main types of solar installation jobs. Both can be found online.

PV Panel Installers

PV panel installers work with PVs. Now in addition to being trained to install PVs, PV panel installers must know how to integrate this technology with their business model and how to service the systems they have installed.

Property Intelligence System Installers

Property managers and maintenance workers are typically known as property intelligence systems installers. They are responsible for installing and maintaining PV cell systems and managing the electricity they generate for clients.

As the name suggests, property intelligence system installers must be able to collect and evaluate data about the energy production and consumption of their property, along with knowing how to use this data to make smart decisions about future energy needs. [2]

This requires not only excellent analytical skills but also a solid understanding of property management and maintenance.

How To Look For Solar Installer Jobs

One of the first things you should do if you are considering how to become a solar installer is to search the Internet.

You will find a variety of websites that offer PV system installers jobs available around the country. Some of these sites are more specialized than others and may require an advanced degree or even a professional licensing degree in order to be eligible for employment.

One of the best sites you can use is GreenCitizen’s Sustainability Jobs Board where you can search for solar installer jobs by city and by state.

Final Thoughts

For those interested in learning how to become a solar installer, it would be wise to invest the time it takes to research job openings online before spending a great deal of money and time on a degree program that won't help you later.

Oftentimes the PV industry is a relatively small industry, so there are many different paths you could take to advance in your career.

If you are interested in becoming a solar installer, then now is the time to start exploring all of your options. Use GreenCitizen’s Sustainability Jobs Board or go directly to the Green Jobs Board to search for specific solar installer jobs near you.



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